A new General Certificate in Distilling in Spanish has been introduced by IBD.

The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) has announced the launch of a new General Certificate in Distilling in Spanish, showcasing its commitment to providing comprehensive education and training to Spanish-speaking distilling professionals. The IBD, a pioneering educational charity, offers the most recognized brewing and distilling certifications in the world.

The newly launched General Certificate in Distilling is an online course designed for distilling professionals who are already working in production but lack the necessary technical foundation to advance their careers. The course, which is recommended to be completed in 60-80 hours, will be entirely in Spanish, including all learning materials and the examination.

This programme covers the fundamental knowledge required to become a senior operator or team leader in a large production plant or for professionals in smaller distilleries. It delves into the science and technology of distillation, as well as best practices, to equip candidates with the necessary skills to consistently produce high-quality products.

The General Certificate in Distilling is offered online and covers the entire distilling process. Upon completion of the programme, candidates will have a thorough understanding of distillation and will be able to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

The culmination of the General Certificate is an exam with multiple-choice questions that the IBD organizes twice a year, in March and October. This highly sought-after certificate has helped thousands of distillers from around the world open new professional doors and opportunities within their companies.

Since 2020, the IBD has been conducting its General Certificate exams online and proctored, making the examination process more accessible for professionals and their distilleries.

Tom Shelston, Chief Executive Officer of the IBD, states, “At the IBD, we are passionate about supporting our global community of professionals in advancing their skills and performances. We are delighted to now offer the General Certificate in Distilling in Spanish. Our unique qualification covers all key aspects of the distilling process and provides training in science, technology, best practices, and other vital areas for successful distilling operations. We believe this certification will help professionals stand out in the industry.”

Ricardo Solis, IBD Learning Partner for Ibero-America, adds, “Having followed the IBD for years and benefitted greatly from their resources in my own career, I am honored to now be a part of the IBD. I am excited to help Spanish-speaking brewers and distillers receive systematic training, differentiate themselves through technical education, and produce consistently high-quality products.”

The IBD, established in London in 1886 as The Laboratory Club, has been dedicated to providing high-quality technical education to professional brewers and distillers since its inception. Today, the IBD is a global institution with over 3000 members worldwide and offers certifications recognized globally. Over 100,000 professionals from 90 countries have trained with the IBD since the 1950s.

For more information about the General Certificate in Distilling, visit the IBD website at IBD General Certificate in Distilling.

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Ritwiza Asthana, IBD Marketing & Communications Manager

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