Ambulance services at breaking point with capacity reaching 90% threshold

Without much stronger measures than those currently taken so far, we are going straight into the wall, said Arnaud Franchini, CEO of NAAB Ambulance Service LLC.Between the 1st and 21st of October, NAAB Ambulance Service’s has witnessed a frightening increase in the number of COVID related cases, pushing emergency services to the limit. 

At the start of the month the firms overall call outs relating to COVID were just 10% but have rapidly increased to 70% towards the end of the month with the CEO of the firm Arnaud Franchini, predicting that soon this will reach the 90% threshold.

“We went from 10% to 70% of transport, only, as part of COVID-19 support. Those who do not work in a medical transport ambulance cannot imagine for a moment what that means.”

“Soon we will reach the 90% threshold, which decreases the capacity of transport for chronically ill patients that are not affected by COVID-19 but who have to regularly go to the hospital for their dialysis, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy sessions. The decontamination protocols lead to delays, refusal of transport, even for unscrupulous carriers, neglecting decontamination, endangering the patients transported.”  Said Arnaud Franchini CEO of NAAB Ambulance Service’s 

The ambulance service operates across Europe with prominent services across the US and Belgium.

“From the start, SARS-CoV-2 has been severely underestimated in Belgium. A monumental mistake that we paid dearly in the spring, and which we will again pay extremely dearly, very soon, whitmore intensive care hospitalisations and deaths.”

“The government’s total incompetence through its stubborn refusal of early intervention, yet the most effective, led us directly to this second wave.”

Now it is imperative to stop the nonsense and get a little serious in dealing with this pandemic, because the second wave fiasco, after the first wave, is going to cause huge damage to society.

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