Director of the Arab Opinion Index Mohammad Al Masri

Arab World Supports Democracy According To Survey

A new survey has revealed that there is support for democracy across the Arab world. 

The poll, which was conducted across 13 different countries, revealed that 76 percent of almost 30,000 people surveyed support a democratic system. 
The survey was conducted by The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS), who are described as “an independent research institute for the study of the social sciences and humanities, with particular emphasis on the applied social sciences.”

The full report can be accessed here.

Other key findings from the study included current views on the Arab Spring, with over half respondents viewing the events from 2011 as either “very” or “somewhat” positive. 

It also showed that over half respondents view US policy on Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen as bad. 

Other findings were that the vast majority of Arabs have a negative view of ISIL and that most of them also believe that there is corruption in their country.  

Other subjects of the survey included education, the economy, migration and religion. It took 900 researchers to make the poll, which spread over 820,000km, possible. 

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