Ardoq Enhances Leadership Team with Addition of Monica Visconti-Patel as Chief Marketing Officer

Ardoq, a Nordic leader in Software as a Service (SaaS), fortifies its senior leadership ensemble by welcoming Monica Visconti-Patel, a seasoned marketing virtuoso, into its fold, as part of its expansive global drive. CEO and co-founder Erik Bakstad lauds the appointment by asserting, “Visconti-Patel embodies all the criteria we sought for this role.”

Ardoq has surged to prominence within the digital business management solutions domain, with a strategic focus on catering to sizable tech-centric enterprises intent on reinvigorating their digital landscapes. The company’s stature is underscored by its inclusion in Gartner’s esteemed Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture (EA). Ardoq’s innovative approach bridges the chasm between architects and decision-makers across various echelons within organisations, thus defying traditional EA paradigms. Bakstad clarifies that “Ardoq is not just an EA tool.”

“In Ardoq, we employ techniques from EA, but our user base encompasses enterprise stakeholders at all tiers, harnessing Ardoq’s data to make astute and swift decisions. As our target demographic burgeons, our new Chief Marketing Officer must be adept at elucidating how insights and up-to-date information constitute linchpins in strategic deliberations within major enterprises. Ultimately, it revolves around empowering our clients to triumph in the ceaseless journey of transformation,” Bakstad asserts.

Earlier this year, Ardoq welcomed Helen Sutton, an astute enterprise leader, as its Chief Revenue Officer. Bakstad is elated to have another stalwart executive on board.

“Ardoq transcends the realm of being a mere SaaS tool, and Visconti-Patel’s comprehension of Ardoq’s potential and role within large enterprises impressed us from the outset. Additionally, her track record in similar capacities within pertinent tech companies, combined with her infectious energy, is a rarity. I am confident that she will play a pivotal role in shaping Ardoq’s narrative of growth,” Bakstad affirms.

The newly appointed CMO boasts a wealth of experience in the tech industry, having dedicated her career to various software companies. Visconti-Patel joins Ardoq from her prior role as Vice President, EMEA Field Marketing & Acting Head of Global Field Marketing at Automation Anywhere. Her professional journey has also encompassed stints at RingCentral, MuleSoft, and Jive Software, among others. Visconti-Patel expresses her enthusiasm for enhancing Ardoq’s marketing endeavors.

“With nearly three decades in the tech sector, I am genuinely excited about the impact Ardoq can wield in aiding customers to navigate change and propel profitable transformation, particularly within the current business milieu. Ardoq commands leadership in its arena, marked by its audacious branding, product evolution, and forward-thinking ethos. The company is already experiencing rapid growth across all markets, with abundant potential for further expansion, rendering the role of CMO exceptionally enthralling.”

The Power of the Platform

Leveraging its exceedingly adaptable platform, Ardoq casts its net wide, catering to both private and public sector clienteles. Its distinguished roster of clients includes renowned entities such as British Telecom, The Carlsberg Group, and MUFG. For Visconti-Patel, there is no more auspicious initiation as a CMO than championing a stellar product.

“I sense an alignment with Ardoq that resonates with my professional trajectory, as my career orbits the crossroads of enterprise technology domains like ITSM, PPM, APIs, and Automation—each of which intersects significantly with digital business management solutions. In fact, my last decade has been intentionally dedicated to seeking out disruptive technologies, and I was genuinely impressed by the capabilities of the Ardoq platform, its compelling visualisations, and naturally, the Ardoq leadership team and investors. The technology solutions emanating from the burgeoning Nordic tech ecosystem certainly warrant attention, and I am eagerly anticipating my role in this dynamic landscape.”

Visconti-Patel is poised to commence her tenure in late August.

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