Benefits of Pellini Venetian Integral Blinds

Pellini have patented The ScreenLine Venetian blind which is composed of overlapping tilting slats that can sit between either two or three glass sheets. This Pellini blind can be operated both manually or through a motorised system to allow a precise amount of light to enter a room. This article shall discuss the benefits you will experience if you choose Pellini blinds.


Venetian Pellini integral blinds are sealed within glass which ensures they are protected from dirt and dust which can often occur on regular Venetian blinds. This prevents the need to regularly clean the blinds as the sealed glass will stop any dust particles from reaching the blinds and lying on the slats. A Sanitised patent finish that is applied in some control systems contributes to providing long-lasting antibacterial protection. This is particularly beneficial in the current context of the pandemic. The integral Venetian blind design also prevents damage to the blinds removing any maintenance that would often be required for traditional Venetian blinds.

Efficient Performance

Pellini Venetian integral blinds boast high efficiency as the patented coated slat V95 has been developed in co-operation with renowned European research institutes on nanotechnology. The ScreenLine V95 ranks the best in the performance class with reduced g value, improved Ug value, reduced glass temperature and a total lack of fogging at any temperature.

Protection from Glare

Pellini ScreenLine Venetian blind protects against unwanted glare even when the blinds are placed in a fully horizontal position. This is because the light is directed upwards which results in it transforming the ceiling into a natural lamp and allowing it to evenly distribute the spread of the light. This, therefore, makes the blinds ideal for office spaces and buildings as employers and workers will not be worried about unwanted light reflecting onto computer screens and causing distraction. The creation of natural light in turn also significantly reduces the cost of energy prices.

Enhanced Privacy

The privacy customisation of Pellini integral Venetian blinds makes them perfect for apartments, offices, and homes with upper floors as views from below can be blocked while still allowing light to come through the window. The sleek modern style of integral Venetian blinds also makes them ideal for these window types.

Minimise Visual Impact of Blind

As the Pellini ScreenLine Venetian blinds are both slim and discrete due to the use of thin slats, this means that they do not compromise the aesthetic look of the blind but still maximise the view. Therefore, users will not be negatively impacting the aesthetic look of their home by introducing these blinds as they sit effortlessly between two panes of glass and do not obstruct the view.


As Pellini ScreenLine Venetian integral blinds are encapsulated within the glass, they are highly durable as they will not get broken like regular blinds. This will remove the potential maintenance costs and keep your blinds in excellent condition over the years. Pellini ScreenLine integral blinds are particularly beneficial if you want to operate your blinds regularly and have children or animals as this is a safer option.

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