British Branding Agency Highlights Strategic Impact of Mastering Brand Architecture on Business Success

Experts Paul Vinogradoff and Kershen Teo, founders of Fruiting League, have asserted that many companies are overlooking the significance of brand architecture. The duo, who have worked with big names such as Telenor Group, GE, and NTT DATA, have highlighted how a well-defined brand architecture can enhance the effectiveness of a brand portfolio.

Kershen Teo, a prominent brand strategist, has likened the concept to a house blueprint. He has explained that “considered brand architecture ensures a seamless and harmonious experience for anyone who steps inside.”

Brand architecture is a strategic framework that determines how a company’s brands interact with the market. This is more important than logos and slogans; it can simplify the customer journey and make the relationships between brands easier to understand. It also reinforces brand equity, creating a “halo effect” for the entire brand ecosystem.

There are several common models of brand architecture, such as monolithic, branded house, house of brands, endorsed brands, and hybrid. Teo has emphasised the importance of choosing the right model for a business’s nature and goals. He has noted that “when you get this working your brand portfolio becomes a story customers want to be part of.”

Teo has stated that “brand architecture should be a dynamic process, continuously alert to evolving business and market needs.” He has concluded that with the right insight, organisations can create a strong, coherent brand narrative that resonates with customers now and in the future.

Fruiting League founders Paul Vinogradoff and Kershen Teo have revealed the crucial importance of brand architecture in the business world. With their expertise, companies can create a brand portfolio with greater tactical coherence and a powerful, unified brand narrative to build and maintain success.

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