Charity Calls on Government to Increase Funding for End of Life Care to Benefit Patients

The Gold Standards Framework Centre (GSF) has called on the Government to provide more resources and training for generalist frontline staff in end of life care. This comes as research shows two thirds of people would prefer to die at home or in a care home.

Keri Thomas, founder and Chair of GSF, said: “If current trends continue, home and care home death rates are set to almost double by 2040 as hospital death rates decline further. But if end of life training and support for staff in the community does not increase, we are likely to see poorer quality of care for the dying in the community along with increased numbers of hospital admissions and hospital deaths.”

The charity says they have widespread public support, with two thirds of people surveyed backing their call for the Government to provide more resources and training for end of life care as a national priority. To mark their 25th anniversary on June 22nd, GSF hosted an online celebration event focusing on the impact, reach and influence of GSF over the last 25 years.

GSF has trained over 5,000 teams, about half a million staff and accredited over 2,000 organisations or teams in the last 25 years, affirming its position as the UK’s leading and most experienced training provider in end of life care for generalist frontline staff across all settings.

The charity has urged the Government to take action in order to ensure all frontline staff in any setting receive end of life care training, so that more people can live well and die well in a place and manner of their choosing.

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