Continued Prosperity for Bespoke International Group

Bespoke International Group, a specialised provider of outsourced and managed customer services, has unveiled impressive growth figures in terms of workforce, revenue, and profitability for the fiscal year 2022/23.

As the company marks its fourth anniversary, it continues to deliver comprehensive omni-channel support solutions to both UK and global enterprises, operating from their purpose-built operational call centre located in Durban, South Africa. Dedicated brand teams cater to the requirements of partner organisations, ensuring efficient handling and resolution of inquiries to enhance customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Mark Thomason, the Group CEO and one of the pioneers in the outsourcing industry in South Africa, took a momentary pause from the festivities commemorating the fourth year of Bespoke’s operations to reflect on yet another remarkable period of growth.

“I am elated to announce another series of robust financial results for this year. Sustaining our trend of substantial year-on-year expansion for the fourth consecutive year, we have witnessed a notable 50% surge in billable headcount. The driving force behind this upswing has been the successful onboarding of four new clients within the initial five months of 2023, with further brands projected to follow suit later in the year.”

Bespoke’s capability to match its growth with investments is enabled by its preferred partnership status in the Retail and Energy sectors. “Our shareholders continue to inject capital into the business, facilitating advancements in infrastructure, technology, and management to bolster our client offerings,” added Mark. “We possess an extraordinary capacity for adaptability and operational scalability to meet the evolving needs of our clients. The fusion of ambition and investment ensures we can sustain this momentum well into the foreseeable future.”

The ongoing triumphs of Bespoke are built upon the backdrop of South Africa’s thriving outsourcing landscape, recognised globally as a premier destination for outsourcing. Distinguishingly, Bespoke also benefits from a highly proficient senior team based in the UK, providing invaluable in-person consultations throughout the onboarding process.

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