Diversity announces support for FCA/PRA Diversity & Inclusion Data Collection, Reporting and Disclosure requirements to be provided by them.

Today, Divrsity, the UK’s leading Diversity & Inclusion survey platform, announced a cost-effective way for regulated organisations to fulfil their forthcoming FCA/PRA obligations around Diversity & Inclusion Data Collection, Reporting and Disclosure.

This follows the Financial Services financial regulators’ September’23 proposals to “boost diversity and inclusion to support healthy work cultures, reduce groupthink and unlock talent”. The proposed regulation requires organisations to survey their workforce in order to collect data on protected characteristics, as well as optional data on forward-looking dimensions such as social mobility and caring responsibilities.

Divrsity have included the FCA/PRA questions in the default question sets for their Banking/Insurance/Finance sector customers, enabling them to launch a survey in less than 10 minutes which fulfils their regulatory compliance requirements. Results are available immediately upon survey completion and interactive charts allow users to generate insights. When the FCA RegData system is updated to accept submissions of D&I data, Divrsity will generate a compatible XML/XBRL file.

Divrsity was founded two years ago by Mark Holt, previously CTO at Trainline and 10x Banking, and their highly secure SaaS platform has since run thousands of surveys to help organisations in finance, high-tech, utilities, not-for-profit, medical, and many other industries to make measurable and meaningful changes to Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Bias and Belonging.

The platform is highly customisable and response rates are typically greater than 75%. All data is processed and stored in the UK and Divrsity’s ‘Obsessive Anonymity’ promise shields customers from GDPR concerns. The cost of running a survey is highly affordable, with companies up to 2000 employees paying just £999 (+VAT), and companies up to 20,000 participants paying £1,500 (+VAT).

For more information, please visit https://divrsity.team/blog or contact Mark Holt (mark@divrsity.team).

Derick is an experienced reporter having held multiple senior roles for large publishers across Europe. Specialist subjects include small business and financial emerging markets.

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