Experts Across the Industry Share the Top 2024 Wedding Trends

GSP Events, the events production agency responsible for some of the most iconic weddings of the last 27 years, has revealed the trends for nuptials in 2024. Emma Gold, the founder of GSP Events, was joined by experts in the industry to discuss the trends for the year ahead.

Destination weddings remain popular, with couples looking for the biggest and best new destinations further afield. Examples include multi-day extravaganzas in beachside locations on the Turkish coast or Mallorcan mega-parties. Hotel takeovers are also becoming more and more common, with guests looking for total exclusivity and privacy.

Artificial intelligence tools are proving to be helpful for couples with administrative tasks such as guest list and table planning. Creativity with a conscience is also expected to be a trend in 2024, with couples looking for ways to make their celebrations more sustainable. Leading marquee provider, English Marquee Company, is investing heavily in sustainable alternatives to traditional canvas pole or steel frame tents.

When it comes to food, the trend is to go back to basics, using hyper-local, provenance-traceable ingredients that speak for themselves on the plate. Floral displays are also expected to be creative and unique, with couples choosing local flowers, plants and foliage.

Sam Peters, Managing Director of English Marquee Company, said: “Marquees by nature are relatively sustainable as they are used time and again, however we are increasingly looking at solutions that take it further. 2024 will see wedding couples opting for marquees made of natural materials such as timber and transported in hydrogen trucks, with any canvas donated to humanitarian aid schemes to be remade as tents.”

Max Uyanik, Chef Patron of leading event caterer Food Show, added: “Wedding food in 2024 will be much less fussy. Caterers will do away with unnecessary theatre whilst retaining the beautiful presentation and fun elements that keep guests talking. We’ll be using shorter supply chains and the very best ingredients, with produce sourced as close to the venue as possible.”

Emma Gold concluded: “Couples are moving away from excess for excess’ sake, and looking to how they can make changes to improve the sustainability of their celebrations. Creativity is king – we are always on the lookout for the newest, hottest, most unusual and beautiful ideas.”

It is clear that wedding trends for 2024 are focused on sustainability, creativity and luxury.

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