Finally… COVID-19 Home Testing Kits Have Arrived Thanks to MedExpress

You can barely turn on the news without seeing an article about the severe constraints and issues the UK is having when it comes to getting people tested for COVID-19. It’s been arguably the most-important issue facing the country since this whole crisis kicked off properly here in March. But what if there was a way to get the testing we so desperately need, and better yet – get tested in our own homes? MedExpress says they are the company to do just that. 

MedExpress is the first registered pharmacy to offer Coronavirus home testing kits in the UK, and they are fully compliant with Public Health England’s standards, which will put many minds at rest when it comes to the effectiveness of what’s on offer.

Coronavirus Home Testing Kit
Coronavirus Home Testing Kit by MedExpress

We all know by now that testing is crucial to stopping the spread of the disease. In countries like Taiwan that have a fraction of the cases European countries do, getting testing out quick did so much good. It can do the same for the UK too. 

For starters, testing ensures that people who test positive can be isolated, or get the medical care they need quickly. For those that test negative, not only can they breathe a sigh of relief, but they can also know they are infectious or putting friends, family or work colleagues at risk. They may even be able to return to work earlier and get back to earning a wage.

Up until now, the tests have largely been given to those with serious symptoms, or keyworkers in the NHS and other health sectors. That is vital, but that alone is not enough. The more people get tested, and the faster they’re tested, the sooner we can get a grip on this pandemic and work to get life back to normal. 

The founder and CEO of MedExpress, Dwayne D’Souza, understands the big task at hand, and is glad his company can help to ease the burden on the UK and get people tested quicker:

‘There are currently over 93,000 known cases of coronavirus across the UK, but a vast amount of the population have not been tested and could be infected. There have been less than 20,000 tests conducted outside of the NHS critical workers and hospitals. We have made the test available to the public with the hope that we can help increase access to these vital tests and to allow members of the public to determine whether they have been infected.’

Home testing is a key step in defeating this virus, and thanks to MedExpress, we’ll be one step closer. 

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