Foundation “A Guide for Family Members from Money Carer Foundation on How to Become a DWP Appointee”

Money Carer, an award-winning national social enterprise, has released a guide for families considering taking on the role of a welfare benefits appointee for a vulnerable adult. The guide aims to provide information and practical tips for those interested in becoming an appointee and outlines the responsibilities associated with the role.

Money Carer is a national partner of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and is the largest and most established provider of welfare benefit appointeeships in the UK. Their services are utilized by local authorities, law firms, care providers, family members, and disability charities.

The guide covers important topics such as the application process for becoming an appointee, setting up a separate appointee bank account, and practical tasks that must be completed while in the role. It also includes a question and answer section and directs readers to the organization’s website for further information. Additionally, Money Carer has recently launched a money management podcast, which is a helpful resource for learning more about managing finances for vulnerable adults.

As a national partner of the DWP, Money Carer is committed to providing support and assistance to individuals and families in need. With their extensive experience and expertise in money management for vulnerable adults, the organization is a trusted and reliable source for information and services. Families can access the guide and other resources through the Money Carer website, and further information can be obtained through their partnership with

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