“Gym presents special deals for individuals impacted by MS, Parkinson’s, and strokes”

The Chilterns Neuro Centre is proud to announce its new partnerships with the Gym at Halton, Tring Sports Centre, and Prestwood Gym and Fitness Centre. These collaborations will provide additional out-of-hours support to individuals affected by neurological conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s, and strokes.

Regular exercise is crucial for everyone, but it can be especially beneficial for people with these conditions. Early intervention, including exercise, is key to slowing down the progression of their condition. While the Centre already has a comprehensive exercise program in place, it may not always meet the needs of those who are still employed and require out-of-hours options.

With the new partnerships in place, members of the Centre will have access to a wider range of out-of-hours exercise classes at discounted rates. This will allow them to continue their exercise routine without it conflicting with their work schedule.

Joe Harman, Exercise Lead and Musculoskeletal Therapist at the Chilterns Neuro Centre, stated, “Having access to facilities that are not limited by a person’s diagnosis will make a significant difference in how our members feel and their ability to participate in exercise. Regular exercise can help maintain independence, strength, and function for individuals with neurological conditions. It can also play a vital role in positively managing and coping with the progression of their condition.”

If anyone with MS, Parkinson’s, or who has experienced a stroke believes they could benefit from the services offered by the Chilterns Neuro Centre, they are encouraged to contact the Centre at 01296 696133. More partnerships are currently in the works, and the Centre is continuously seeking ways to expand and improve their services for those in need.

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