He/She Rocked already provides the transparency and accounting requirements for tips, gratuities, and service charges, as soon to be required by law.

On Wednesday 27 December, 2023, URocked, a leading cashless tipping solution company, announced that it is already equipped to comply with the changes to tip accounting and payment regulations which are scheduled to come into force on 1st July 2024.

This new legislation, which has already been implemented in Ireland, means that every worker will directly receive their tips without employer involvement and has been shown to increase tips up to fivefold in some places. CEO of URocked, David Dillon, believes that this will “serve as a driving force for enhancing the performance of service personnel, ultimately leading to increased revenue and staff retention for employers”.

URocked’s system allows customers to pay their bill and tip in one transaction, with a choice of tip amount. Tips are then sent directly to the worker or to a pool of workers, meaning that employers are left out of the equation and ensuring full transparency and accounting.

Kay Allen, owner of London’s luxury Cat Cafe “Whiskers & Cream”, has praised the system for “bringing satisfaction to customers who can express gratitude for the service” and for “eliminating the need for additional resources on our part”.

Founded by David Dillon in 2020, URocked is a complete digital tipping solution and integrated payment acceptance company. URocked solutions provide transparency, regulatory compliance with evolving regulations, and reduced administrative costs, while service employees benefit from receiving their tips directly in full.

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