“Hope Spring to Offer Free eCards in Honor of Mental Health Awareness Week”

Hope Spring charity ecard website has announced the release of ten new eCards with positive messages as part of their contribution to Mental Health Awareness Week. The annual event, held in the UK between May 13 and 19, aims to raise awareness and provide support for those struggling with mental health challenges.

The eCards, designed to uplift and support individuals facing mental health issues, are available to all free of charge. According to the platform manager for Hope Spring eCards, Seun Olonade, these cheerful and uplifting messages aim to show those battling with mental health problems that they are not alone. Olonade also mentioned that the eCards can be accessed on their dedicated mental health ecard page.

Hope Spring, a Hereford based water poverty alleviation charity, launched their ecard platform five years ago. Since then, the platform has become a significant source of fundraising for the organisation, with thousands of eCards sent each year. Users of the platform have the option to send an eCard for free or make a donation to the charity.

The website boasts thousands of eCards, including special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. They also create unique cards for events like Mental Health Awareness Week. The full range of occasions for which eCards are available can be found on their website and social media pages.

Mental Health Awareness Week is being used by hundreds of specialist mental health charities, businesses, and other organisations to raise awareness and provide information about mental health. Hope Spring’s contribution to the event aims to support and uplift individuals struggling with mental health challenges.

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