Inderveer Singh Panesar Steers EVage’s Global Growth Vision After Highlighting Specialized EVs

EVage Motors, the India-based manufacturer of integrated electric solutions and commercial vehicles, showcased innovations and future ambitions during a high-profile showcase at the 2023 London EV Show this week.

Inderveer Singh Panesar, the Founder and CEO of EVage Motors, said during his featured panel: “The London EV Show provided an outstanding platform to demonstrate our progress developing customizable, resilient electric commercial vehicles optimized for eco-friendly last-mile distribution and urban transportation. Our flagship commercial van confirms the advantages light yet powerful EVs provide over traditional diesel trucks for short-range transportation needs.”

He explained that their solutions account for the entire ecosystem, including driver experience, charging logistics, cargo requirements and more. This comprehensive approach has positioned EVage as pioneers in electric commercial vehicle advancement. Their patented mCube modular manufacturing process optimizes production workflows, bringing efficiency to the production line and reducing costs.

The company has also cemented over $25 million during its Series A funding round in 2021 from global institutional investors. With sights set beyond India, EVage looks primed to become a global leader catering to the unique electric mobility needs across emerging markets.

EVage Motors is dedicated to revolutionizing urban transportation across the globe, with a focus on purposeful, resilient electric mobility solutions. At the London EV Show, they highlighted their capabilities, such as 100 miles range, high clearance, and proven reliability, which position their offerings as catalysts to electrify last-mile commercial delivery and passenger transportation.

Inderveer Singh Panesar commented: “The enthusiastic London EV Show reception confirms our commercial EVs deliver exactly what overlooked emerging markets require – affordable, modular and robust electrification.” The company plans to unveil an array of breakthrough concepts over the next year and expand exports globally to extend emissions reductions.

EVage Motors is making strides in the electric vehicle sector, leading the way in purpose-built electric mobility unlocking new efficiencies. Their commitment to revolutionizing urban transportation is evident in their comprehensive approach and innovative solutions.

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