“MasterUp LIVE on Kickstarter: A Revolutionary Tool to Enhance RPG and TTRPG Sessions”

MasterUp: The Revolutionary Toolkit Transforming Live Role-Playing Games

Rome, Italy- Monday 25 March, 2024- AR Market, a leading company in immersive technology, has announced the launch of MasterUp, a groundbreaking toolkit designed to revolutionize live role-playing games (RPG, TTRPG). The brainchild of founder Andrea Baldini, MasterUp aims to seamlessly blend physical and digital elements, elevating the gaming experience for Dungeon Masters (DMs) and players alike.

MasterUp offers solutions to the multiple challenges faced by DMs and players during live RPG sessions. It simplifies setup processes, enhances imaginative storytelling, and provides more engaging player experiences. The goal is to evolve live role-playing without compromising the essence of the game, making it more accessible, imaginative, and immersive.

The Ultimate Toolkit

MasterUp is a comprehensive package of both physical and digital components. The physical tools include a suite of modular, portable products, including a double-sided magnetic whiteboard, a portable table with a magnetic surface, map holders, and magnetic token holders. The interactive DM screen features a monitor, speakers, and modular graphic covers for easy customization.

The digital aspect of MasterUp transforms the DM into a ‘movie director’, thanks to a sophisticated game campaign management software and app. It includes immersive communication tools, preloaded assets, augmented reality (AR) maps, and virtual reality (VR) cardboards for mobile phones, aiming to enrich the gaming experience with immersive AR and VR experiences.

The Marketplace feature of MasterUp aims to establish a single software and marketplace for all TTRPG games. It encourages creators, artists, publishers, and IP owners to sell and share their assets, allowing for the creation of homebrew worlds and exceptional games. Revenue from sales is distributed among all contributors, creating a sustainable and collaborative environment.

Engagement and Portability

MasterUp stands out with its innovative fusion of physical and digital components, addressing practical challenges and enhancing the gaming experience. This toolkit offers portability and ease of transport, empowering DMs and players through a combination of cutting-edge technology and traditional gameplay elements.

A Vision Rooted in Passion and Technology

Founded by Andrea Baldini, AR Market reflects his deep passion for RPGs and his commitment to leveraging immersive technologies to revolutionize entertainment, gaming, and education. Baldini’s journey, marked by collaborations with prestigious clients and fueled by his love for RPGs, has culminated in the creation of MasterUp-the ultimate toolkit for live game storytelling.

Sustainable and Durable

MasterUp is committed to environmental stewardship, with its physical products designed for longevity and crafted from recyclable materials. Its digital tools aim to minimize material consumption, further reducing its ecological footprint.

Join the Revolution

MasterUp invites the RPG community to be part of a groundbreaking journey to elevate live RPGs and TTRPGs. With a foundation built on immersive technology expertise and a profound affection for RPGs, MasterUp calls on enthusiasts to support its Kickstarter campaign and be among the first to experience the future of live role-playing.

A Call to Action for RPG and TTRPG Enthusiasts

Baldini extends an invitation to the RPG community, stating, “We are on the brink of revolutionizing live RPGs. With your support, we can take MasterUp to new heights. It’s time for Dungeon Masters and players alike to level up their game!”

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MasterUp by AR Market

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