NBB Recycled Furniture Proudly Sponsors Hana Leonard’s ‘Plastic Fantastic’ Garden, Securing Silver at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival

NBB Recycled Furniture, a renowned provider of sustainable outdoor furniture, is delighted to announce its sponsorship of Hana Leonard’s captivating ‘Plastic Fantastic’ garden at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival. The garden achieved a remarkable Silver Silt Award, signifying its innovative design and commitment to environmental consciousness.

The RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival is an annual event that showcases exceptional horticultural displays and cutting-edge garden designs. Taking place from the 4th to the 9th of July, the festival attracts numerous visitors, including industry professionals, enthusiasts, and nature lovers. Amidst this vibrant gathering, Hana Leonard’s ‘Plastic Fantastic’ garden at stand 272 emerged as a standout attraction, embodying sustainability and ingenuity.

NBB Recycled Furniture, known for its dedication to promoting eco-friendly practices and responsible UK manufacturing, found an ideal partner in Hana Leonard’s vision for the ‘Plastic Fantastic‘ garden. The garden aimed to raise awareness about plastic pollution and inspire individuals and businesses to adopt more sustainable choices in their daily lives.

Through its sponsorship, NBB Recycled Furniture provided sustainable seating and fencing solutions that harmonised perfectly with the garden’s theme and purpose. The company’s range of recycled plastic furniture, crafted from post-consumer waste materials, not only showcased the possibilities of reusing and repurposing plastic waste but also added a visually striking element to the garden.

“We take immense pride in sponsoring Hana Leonard’s ‘Plastic Fantastic’ garden at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival,” expressed Rhianon Gwyther, trading manager of NBB Recycled Furniture. “Hana’s creative approach to addressing plastic pollution aligns seamlessly with our values and mission to provide sustainable outdoor furniture solutions. This collaboration highlights the significance of reevaluating our relationship with plastic and illustrates how recycled materials can be transformed into functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture pieces.”

The prestigious Silver Silt Award bestowed upon the ‘Plastic Fantastic’ garden is a testament to Hana Leonard’s exceptional talent and NBB Recycled Furniture’s unwavering commitment to promoting sustainable practices. This recognition reinforces the importance of embracing environmentally friendly solutions and encourages individuals and businesses to make conscious choices in pursuit of a greener future.

To explore NBB Recycled Furniture’s wide range of sustainable outdoor furniture solutions, please visit their official website at www.recycledfurniture.co.uk.

For further information about the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival and Hana Leonard’s inspiring ‘Plastic Fantastic’ garden, kindly visit the official festival website at https://www.rhs.org.uk/shows-events/rhs-hampton-court-palace-garden-festival.

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