Petroleum Products offered by NAPAG Trading

Crude oil is the power force behind a lot of products that are essential for us. Since the beginning of Napag, the company’s main activity has been dealing with crude oil. This has led to us being experienced in a large variety of petroleum-based products, which include but are not limited to gasoline, middle distillates, naphthalene, and fuel oil.

Here are some of our main products:

  • Crude Oil
  • Gasoline
  • Fuel
  • Middle Distillates
  • Naphtha
  • Methanol
  • LPG
  • Natural Gas
  • Condensate

Crude Oil

Napag is the leading company when it comes to providing barrels anywhere in the world and also has access to all of the critical crude grades.

We stay in the know as we have a complete network of trading offices all around the globe, in all of the major trading regions, which keeps us updated on how the market changes and evolves. Napag acknowledges the importance of value throughout the supply chain via its compatibility with different oil producers having appreciable logistic capabilities with considerable facilities and strategically designed storage 


We provide cost-effective gasoline solutions to customers all around the globe. We also have an active market presence in aromatics when it comes to our gasoline trading team. Moreover, several of our customers are our long-term partners. Our reliable performance, along with our fair price and responsive customer service, is the reason many of our customers choose to renew and expand their business.  


We have developed relationships with several bunker fuel traders and power generators. Traders have the job to monitor trends along with macro-economic and market-led patterns.

Analysts provide us with blending strategies.


41% of global fuel oil supply is utilized in bunkers

33% for power generation

26% in refinery feedstock.

Middle Distillates

In Napag, diesel, jet fuel, and gas oil are covered by our middle distillates trading operation, and we trade in the complete range of distillates, which range from low to high sulfur. 

Changing market conditions are no problem for our well-integrated teams which have the flexibility of being able to shift trading styles. Additionally, we are chartering large tankers so we can achieve significant physical arbitrage. 


The distillation of petroleum produces flammable and highly volatile liquids, which we call as naptha. Having slightly different chemical structures and boiling points, the refining process utilizes these liquids in various applications, mainly as feedstock for gasoline, along with the manufacture of olefins. Our product comes from the Middle East and Europe when it comes to our trading desks and the naptha business.


The market of methanol is ever-expanding because of its usage in MTBE, biodiesel as transportation fuels. It can also be utilized as an LPG substitute and is used as a replacement when it comes to higher cost feedstock.

Natural Gas

The hydrocarbon mixture of gases formed the natural gas, which is mainly made with the combination of methane and other gases. This gas is extracted from under the deep ground by drilling, being processed to reduce major impurities, including water and carbon. It is generally used for cooking and heating purposes for residential and commercial use.

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