Prosper announced that its crowdfunding was open to the public after it reached its early access target in four hours, raising over £700,000 on its mission to revolutionize the wealth industry, with the customer in mind.

Prosper, a wealth-tech pioneer, has announced the public launch of its crowdfunding round in partnership with Crowdcube. The target of £600,000 was exceeded in just four hours, with the closing amount of £750,000 being a testament to the team and proposition developed by the company.

The round has already seen significant investment from some of the most recognised founders, investors and operators in fintech, including Tom Blomfield (founder of Monzo), Matt Cooper (cofounder of Capital One) and Phil Bungey (former COO of robo advisor Nutmeg).

In order to ensure as many Prosper customers as possible can be part of the community, the low threshold for investing has been set at £118, with the highest amount being £500,000.

Commenting on the successful crowdfunding round, Nick Perrett, CEO of Prosper, said: “We were blown away by the incredible support of our investors. Beating our £600,000 target in just 4 hours, and now closing on £750,000 – before we’ve even opened to the public – is a fantastic endorsement of the team and proposition we have built. I’m excited now to open this offer to the public!”

For those interested in taking part in the round, they are urged to invest responsibly and take two minutes to learn more about the associated risks of investing, as they may not be protected if something goes wrong.

The crowdfunding round is now open to the public, with further information available on the company’s website.

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