Christian Karembeu

Retired French Footballer Christian Karembeu joins SPONSOR.ONLINE as advisor and investor

SPONSPOR.ONLINE is a digital sponsorship marketplace used by more than 150 professional football clubs and 50 global brands. It was launched few months ago at the beginning of 2019, in Switzerland, but it met a fast- growing evolution and recently a new investor and advisor has been announced, Christian Karembeu (48). The former World and European Champion’s feedback will have an immediate effect on the Swiss platform and its development world

Christian Karembeu
Christian Karembeu

SPONSOR.ONLINE aims to revolutionise the sports sponsorship industry with it’s simple and easy to use approach that the platform has to organising, managing and closing sponsorship deals with brands.

Christian Karembeu described these unique features as the key to success that differentiate this platform, especially in a complex, technology- driven environment. He hopes to convince other potential investors as well,  that the platform will influence the football industry. More specifically, the method will become more efficient and the transaction costs will be reduced. Also, new market possibilities would be created.

Over 150 European football teams and 50 global brands are currently benefiting from the SPONSOR.ONLINE platform, but there are several new clubs and sponsors who are singing up weekly. 

The new advisor stated that the number of sponsorship contracts keeps increasing and, consequently, the total value of inventory is higher. Even more, he observes the potential this exciting new platform is currently having in the industry, so he is keen to share his past experience and passion with other sponsors who may decide to join and invest in the journey.

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