SA Group Sets Sail with Chronos Trading Limited’s Debut

The esteemed SA Group takes great pleasure in announcing the grand inauguration of Chronos Trading Limited, marking a pivotal step towards realising its global ambitions in the regulated fintech domain. This cutting-edge enterprise is a product of a collaborative effort with the masterminds behind the highly successful algorithmic trading system known as ‘The Chronos Strategy,’ which first came to fruition in December 2021.

Operating exclusively in the realm of S&P 500 stocks, renowned as the world’s most liquid marketplace, The Chronos Strategy demonstrated an impressive yield of over 118% in 2022, even after factoring in all applicable fees and charges. Remarkably, this was achieved without resorting to leverage, as the strategy adheres to a shrewd risk management system that commits only a fraction of capital to the market.

With valuable support from management consultancy and capital funding provided by SA, this finely crafted strategy has now been established within an SPV called Chronos Trading Limited.

Jon Hammond, representing Chronos, shared his thoughts on this momentous partnership: “Having been deeply immersed in the trading and regulated investments landscape for a quarter-century, we have nurtured a clear vision of how to deliver substantial risk-adjusted returns, with an unwavering emphasis on capital preservation. The meticulous development of The Chronos Strategy over the past five years has culminated in this exciting alliance with the SA Group, which will play a pivotal role in establishing a robust, regulated business spanning multiple continents.”

This momentous alliance will witness SA investing £2.2 million to acquire an established FCA-regulated entity, boasting an impressive track record in money management within the UK, coupled with a full investment management license in the DIFC (the UAE’s equivalent of the FCA).

The forthcoming year’s objective revolves around propelling Chronos Trading Limited to the forefront of AI-driven fintech, catering to the realm of Financial Services Technology Business. The primary goal is to amplify funds under management to a remarkable £100 million by December 2024, securing revenues amounting to £20 million annually, and culminating in a business with a market cap exceeding £100 million.

Chronos Trading Limited is currently on the lookout for institutional partners invested in the domains of trading and artificial intelligence, inviting them to provide foundational investments or leverage their distribution capabilities within this novel frontier of investment management.

Stuart Anderson, the visionary founder of the SA Group, remarked: “After extensive exploration of international markets, we have pinpointed investment prospects that possess genuine market differentiators, enriching investor portfolios – whether institutional or private. In light of this, we are genuinely enthralled by the boundless potential that fintech holds in this swiftly emerging age of AI.”

Any interested parties keen on seizing this exciting opportunity are encouraged to reach out to Chronos Trading Limited via

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