Screenloop Offers Step-by-Step Framework for Talent & People Leaders with New Quality of Hire Guide

A leading talent operations platform, Screenloop, has just unveiled their latest content release: a comprehensive quality of hire guide. This 50+ page guide is the ultimate handbook for adopting, measuring, targeting, and optimising quality of hire across all key departments.

The guide offers actionable insights for recruiters, HR professionals and executive leaders, including best practices for identifying and validating top talent, and making more consistent, strategic and successful hiring and onboarding decisions.

Dave Richardson, Director of Recruitment at Monzo, praised the guide’s focus on the importance of quality of hire in today’s competitive market. “It’s a challenging time. This means we have to really focus on the quality of every candidate and what they can add to the current team,” said Richardson. “This guide provides valuable insights for anyone looking to improve their recruitment processes and find the best candidates for their organisation.”

The full guide is available for free download on Screenloop‘s website. Visit to download a copy. In addition, there is an exclusive offer inside for readers allowing them to apply for free access to Screenloop’s first Quality of Hire Module, expected to launch in the next few months.

About Screenloop

Screenloop is an all-in-one platform that enables companies to make better, faster, and more equitable hiring decisions. We work with leading businesses across the globe to refine hiring processes and turn new hires into successful employees. Our software equips hiring teams with the data they need to identify and onboard ideal candidates more effectively.

Screenloop is committed to providing the infrastructure for talent that empowers every individual and organisation to succeed. For more information, please visit

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