simpleERB Partners with Spillover Software Group to Expand its Presence in the US Restaurant Market

SimpleERB, the leading online reservation diary, has entered into a strategic partnership with Spillover Software Group, a renowned restaurant marketing solutions software company, to introduce simpleERB to the US restaurant marketplace.

Streamlining Restaurant Booking Management

Spillover Software Group, based in Austin, Texas, has been serving the hospitality sector since the 1990s. They have developed an integrated technology platform offering a complete marketing solution for restaurants. This platform includes customer segmentation, tracking tools, and AI-driven picture generation for restaurant marketing content.

SimpleERB seamlessly integrates into this marketing solution, which has seen many Spillover clients transition from walk-in-only services to accepting advance bookings in the post-COVID era. SimpleERB empowers these restaurants to efficiently manage bookings, from configuring sittings and managing stay times to reducing no-shows.

Empowering Restaurants in the Evolving Landscape

Ronnie Somerville, Founder of simpleERB, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating“Our goal has always been to simplify and enhance the restaurant reservation process, and this partnership will empower Spillover’s clients to effortlessly manage their bookings, from walk-ins to advance reservations. We’re thrilled to be working with Spillover and look forward to helping them and their customers thrive in the evolving restaurant landscape.”

Ali Murdoch, CEO of Spillover, highlighted the benefits of introducing simpleERB to their client base, stating, “We’re very excited to launch simpleERB to our client base and can see the many benefits it offers our customers, from streamlining their bookings to understanding more about their diners. All the products within our platform focus on the two core digital marketing principles of ‘audience growth’ and ‘effective communication’ and simpleERB sits perfectly within this framework.”

This strategic partnership between simpleERB and Spillover Software Group represents a significant step in simplifying restaurant booking management system and enhancing the dining experience for customers across the United States.

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