Smart Reporting Employs AWS LLM Technology to Transform Medical Reporting

In an era where medical knowledge is rapidly advancing, Smart Reporting is providing a solution for the increasing workloads faced by healthcare professionals. They’ve incorporated large language model (LLM) technology into SmartReports, their synoptic medical reporting software, powered by Amazon Bedrock’s generative AI. This integration is poised to significantly improve the reporting process for healthcare professionals, enhancing patient care outcomes. Visitors to RSNA in Chicago can get a preview of this innovative solution, which will be available in the US market in the first half of 2024.

Radiologists face the dual challenge of dealing with inconsistent and incomplete manual reports and unstructured data that is not conducive to advanced analysis or effective treatment planning. With Amazon Bedrock’s integration, SmartReports will provide:

  • A marked reduction in the spoken or typed words required for report creation through automatic impression suggestion.
  • Substantially improved research and organisational efficiency with structured, machine-readable findings, leading to 60% better data quality for clinical decisions and 150% more detailed and accurate reports. [1, 2] This innovation is in line with previous studies showing a 4.3% decrease in patient mortality with the use of structured reporting in pathology [3]. Starting in 2024, US clients of SmartReports can simply update their software to access these AI-assisted features.

Prof. Wieland Sommer, the founder and CEO of Smart Reporting, remarked: “We are always looking for ways to make radiology reporting faster and more efficient. We have been open to technology and vendors and are working agnostically to broadly integrate LLMs into our software. By building on Amazon Bedrock, we are able to leverage their state-of-the-art AI technology to enhance our radiology reporting solution. With automated impression suggestion, we will provide our customers with faster, better, and smarter reports that ultimately benefit patients.”

Dr. Razvan Ionasec of Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL noted, “Healthcare professionals can benefit from seamless and efficient AI-enhanced reporting experience, spend less time on documentation and focus more on delivery of person-centered healthcare with improved outcomes.” Dr. Dominik Nörenberg also shared, “Integrating cutting-edge AI into our reporting paradigm has been nothing short of revolutionary.”

Demonstrations of the LLM-powered automated impression suggestion will be available at RSNA in Chicago at the Smart Reporting and AWS booths.

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