Surprising Findings from The Great British Fish and Chip Survey 2023

As National Fish and Chip Day approaches on June 2, people across the country are getting ready to celebrate their love for this iconic British dish. In anticipation of the special day, the National Fish and Chip Day team conducted The Great British Fish and Chip Survey 2023 to uncover the nation’s preferences when it comes to their fish and chips.

The survey, which ran from April 13 to May 22, revealed some interesting findings about people’s choices and habits regarding fish and chips. Here are some of the highlights:

Favourite thing to have on fish and chips:

  • Salt and vinegar emerged as the clear winner, with 64% of respondents choosing this classic combination.
  • 16% preferred just salt, while only 5% opted for ketchup.

Favourite thing to have with fish and chips:

  • Mushy peas were the top choice for accompaniment, selected by 40% of participants.
  • 13% enjoyed their fish and chips on their own or with tartare sauce.

Favourite fish to have with chips:

  • Cod was the most popular choice, with 55% of respondents naming it as their favourite fish.
  • Haddock followed closely behind at 38%. Notably, 72% of Scots preferred haddock over cod.

Eat in or Takeaway:

  • 89% of people preferred taking their fish and chips away, while only 4% opted for delivery.
  • Visiting the local fish and chip shop and enjoying freshly cooked food was a shared love among respondents.

Favourite place to eat fish and chips:

  • Home was the favourite place to enjoy fish and chips, chosen by 43% of participants.
  • Seaside locations came in second, attracting 34% of the votes.

Importance of the MSC Blue Tick standard:

  • There was an even split in opinion regarding the importance of the MSC Blue Tick standard for sustainable fishing.
  • 37% stated they would only buy fish and chips from shops with the Blue Tick, while 39% said it didn’t influence their choice.

What do you call the crispy bits of batter?

  • The most popular term was “scraps,” but various other names were mentioned, including scribbles, bits, crunchy bits, and more.

Regional Variations:

  • The East of England showed a preference for just salt with their fish and chips (20%).
  • The North West had a higher inclination for a bread roll alongside fish and chips (24%).
  • Curry sauce was more popular in the South East compared to other regions.
  • In Scotland, tartare sauce was the top choice (44%), surpassing mushy peas.
  • Londoners showed a greater liking for plaice compared to other regions.

For specific regional results or further information from the survey, contact Josie at 07734 050238 or email Interviews with national award-winning fish and chip shops, industry experts, and recommendations for great shops in your area can also be arranged.

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