The 2025 HÄUSER-AWARD seeks to recognize individual detached houses that are practical for everyday living.

Hamburg, February 9, 2024 – The construction and building technology industry has seen a rise in complexity and complications in recent years. In response to this, the 2025 HÄUSER-AWARD has been announced with the theme of “Simply good houses”. This award aims to recognize and celebrate sustainable, efficient, and well-designed homes that are adaptable to changing living requirements.

The motto for this year’s HÄUSER-AWARD, now in its 22nd year, is “Simply good houses”. This theme is a response to the current challenges of climate change, the energy crisis, and scarce resources. The focus is on simplicity and sustainability, not only in terms of construction and design, but also in terms of efficient use of space, energy, and materials.

Anne Zuber, Editor-in-Chief of HÄUSER, explains the motivation behind this year’s theme, stating, “For the 2025 HÄUSER AWARD, we are looking for cleverly planned and creatively sophisticated homes that are suitable for everyday use, sustainable and long-lasting – preferably also developed from existing buildings. That is why we are expressly looking for conversions and extensions in addition to new buildings. But in any case, we are simply looking for good architecture!”

Architects from all over Europe are eligible to participate in this prestigious award. The HÄUSER editorial team, in partnership with the Association of German Architects (BDA), the Association of Private Building Owners (VPB), JUNG, and Parkett Dietrich, will present the award. The total prize money amounts to €15,000, with an additional bonus of €1,000 for the client of an award-winning house, courtesy of the VPB. The only exception to this bonus is if the client is also the architect of the house. In addition to this, the HÄUSER-AWARD 2025 will also present the Interior Prize, in collaboration with Parkett Dietrich, which is endowed with €2,000.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, May 6, 2024, and the postmark date will be considered as the submission date. The results of the competition will be published in April 2025, and the winners will be officially announced and honored at an awards ceremony. The best projects will also be featured in a book accompanying the award.

The competition conditions and entry forms can be found on the official website of the HÄUSER-AWARD,

The winners of the HÄUSER-AWARD 2024 will be featured in the April 12, 2024 issue of HÄUSER magazine. The award ceremony will take place on April 11 as part of the JUNG Elbgespräche at the Business Club Hamburg.

For media outlets, image materials for reporting can be downloaded HERE.


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