The charity has released a Valentine’s Day eCard just in time for the holiday.

Herefordshire, UK – On Tuesday, February 13th, 2024, Hope Spring, a water poverty alleviation charity based in Herefordshire, announced the release of their Valentine’s Day 2024 ecard. This announcement was made on the NGO’s website, where they shared the news of six new animated and video eCards being added to their collection. With this latest addition, Hope Spring now offers over sixty Valentine’s Day eCards on their platform.

Hope Spring eCard is a charity ecard platform that exclusively raises funds for the organization’s clean water projects. Seun Olonade, the platform manager, stated, “We were a bit late this year with our Valentine’s Day eCards, as our focus was on Chinese New Year, which is only four days apart from Valentine’s Day.” However, Olonade added, “I am delighted that we were able to get the Valentine’s Day eCards ready in time, and I am looking forward to our supporters and visitors sending these cards in 2024.”

The proceeds from Hope Spring’s eCards and donations from their supporters go towards creating clean water projects, building boreholes, and water wells for water-poor communities in West Africa. Since its establishment in 2016, Hope Spring has made a significant impact on thousands of water-poor communities in West Africa. They have just completed their first borehole project of 2024 last month.

For more information about Hope Spring eCards’ Valentine’s Day eCards, please visit their website. You can also find more information about their water poverty alleviation projects on their social media pages and their website.

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