The Installer Show 2024 to Feature Powered Now and Highlighting Success.

Powered Now Stands Out at the Installer Show 2024

Tuesday 9 July, 2024 – From June 25th to June 27th, 2024, the Installer Show took over the NEC in Birmingham, transforming it into a hub of excitement and innovation for the trade industry. With Powered Now at the centre of it all, the event was a resounding success, drawing significant attention with live demonstrations, complimentary beer and coffee, and the presence of their colourful team and esteemed content creators.

A Stand to Remember

One of the key highlights of Powered Now’s participation in the Installer Show was their visually striking and functional stand, meticulously designed by Quadrant2Design. Their innovative approach and attention to detail created an inviting and dynamic environment, ideal for showcasing their job management software. The well-thought-out layout and interactive elements ensured a steady influx of visitors eager to learn more about how Powered Now can help streamline their business administration.

Day 1: A Busy First Day Followed by the Installer Merit Awards

The event began on Tuesday, June 25th, with an energetic start to Powered Now’s first day at the exhibition. Their stand was buzzing with activity as they conducted live demos of their software, engaging with hundreds of businesses and showcasing how their solutions could benefit them. Despite the high traffic, the Powered Now team managed to give each attendee the attention they deserved, gathering insightful information about their businesses and discovering that many are still spending their weekends catching up on admin. After many valuable conversations, visitors left with coffees, beers, stickers, and bags, which were seen throughout the halls for the duration of the event.

The day concluded with the Installer Merit Awards, where Powered Now had the honour of serving as headline sponsors. This prestigious evening celebrated industry excellence, featuring a delightful dinner and the much-anticipated England vs. Slovenia match. The evening was further enhanced by an inspiring live discussion with Terry Butcher, the renowned English football manager and former player, who captivated the audience with his insights and experiences.

Day 2: Socialising and Networking

The following day maintained the momentum, with the exhibition continuing to attract a multitude of interested attendees. Powered Now’s stand remained a focal point, full of energy and smiles, attracting passersby to join them for a chance to try out the software for themselves over a refreshing pint of Pravha. Throughout the day, they continued their engaging conversations with numerous business representatives eager to learn about their business admin solution. Powered Now was also joined by Todd Glister of Glister Services, who attracted considerable attention from his online fanbase. Todd demonstrated how he uses Powered Now to manage his jobs in his usual entertaining style.

The excitement extended into the evening at the Plumber’s Social event, a historic social gathering that stems from a few plumbers who originally went to the pub after a busy day at the Installer Show. This year, over 1,000 attendees gathered at the Custard Factory in the heart of Birmingham, a lively courtyard filled with happy faces and blasting music, surrounded by bars and entertainment. This vibrant gathering provided an excellent opportunity to network with fellow attendees from the Installer Show. Powered Now had the pleasure of engaging with their very own Powered Now users and content creators, fostering meaningful connections over pizza and drinks.

Day 3: Coffee and Conversations

Thursday, June 27th, began with many visitors appreciating Powered Now’s coffee machine, which proved invaluable for some sore heads from the previous evening. Despite a slower start, their stand remained a spectacle. They continued to engage with hundreds of varying businesses, illustrating how their software could benefit their business administration, whether it be scheduling, certification or simply quoting and invoicing. As the day progressed, the pace gradually moderated, allowing for more in-depth discussions with interested prospects. These interactions afforded Powered Now the opportunity to provide valuable insights into how their software can enhance efficiency.

A Resounding Success

The three-day event was a huge success for Powered Now. Their stand was consistently busy, and they were delighted to offer numerous prospects valuable insights into how their software can streamline their business. The live demonstrations were particularly well-received, providing individuals the chance to try out the app at their own pace.

Highlighting Their Stand Contractors

A significant portion of Powered Now’s success at the Installer Show can be attributed to Quadrant2Design. Their creative vision and professional execution rendered their stand both visually appealing and highly functional. Their expertise enabled Powered Now to create an engaging space where they could effectively interact with visitors and demonstrate the benefits of their job management software. Having received so many meaningful comments about the stand throughout the event, Powered Now extends a significant thank you to Quadrant2Design.

In conclusion, the Installer Show 2024 served as an exceptional platform for Powered Now to connect with the trade industry, showcase their innovative solutions, and partake in memorable events. They eagerly anticipate continuing these valuable connections and assisting businesses in streamlining their operations with

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