The local pet charity is left without a home after a planning decision is made.

PAWS, a local charity dedicated to giving pets a second chance, is facing a crisis and is in need of help. Founded by Susan Curran, the charity has been tirelessly fundraising for the past 5 years to purchase suitable premises for their rescue operations. However, after facing two failed planning applications and spending £15,000 on a pre-planning application, PAWS has been left homeless since July 2023.

The charity, which specializes in rescuing and rehoming cats and dogs, had finally found a plot of land and outbuildings at Delph, bringing hope of a forever rescue home. But unfortunately, due to the failed planning applications, the charity has been unable to make use of the new premises and is now unable to help the community and their beloved pets on the scale that they could before.

According to founder Susan Curran, the current cost-of-living crisis has had a significant impact on animal charities, including PAWS. Many pet owners are struggling to provide for their pets, leading to an increase in abandoned and abused animals. Illness or death of owners also adds to the pressure put on rescues. As a result, many rescue centers nationwide are facing closure due to being overwhelmed with the number of pets needing help.

PAWS had big plans for the site at Delph, including implementing nature corridors to promote diversity in insect and wildlife groups, using solar power and green materials, and creating an eco-friendly and sustainable rescue site. The charity was also planning to have someone on-site 24 hours a day to ensure the well-being and safety of the animals, as well as the security of the site.

Despite the setback, PAWS is determined to continue their mission and is now appealing to the public for help in finding a new site. They are looking to buy, rent, or lease land and buildings where they can continue their rescue operations and implement their eco-friendly model. The charity has made a positive impact in the local community and surrounding areas, thanks to their team of dedicated volunteers, supporters, and trustees.

Currently, PAWS is operating at a reduced capacity, relying on foster carers and home-to-home rehoming. They are also offering a service to the local community, who have been forced to cut back and even turn away animals due to the lack of available rescue centers in the area. The charity is desperately in need of a new site to continue their work and help more animals in need.

If anyone has any information or knows of a suitable site for PAWS, please contact the charity. They are looking for facilities that can accommodate kennels and a cattery, as well as someone on-site 24 hours a day. PAWS is determined to build a better future for their rescue and continue their mission of giving pets a second chance.

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