The newly released book offers valuable tactics to help individuals navigate the early stages of their career.

Rosie Duncan, an award-winning communications consultant and mentor, has published a new book aimed at helping people in the early stages of their careers. Titled “The Early Career Book,” the guide serves as a personal mentor, providing advice and guidance for those navigating the challenges of starting their professional journey.

According to Duncan, the early years of a career are full of uncertainties and learning curves. Many people struggle to find the right career path, understand the dynamics of their workplace, and handle difficult situations and individuals. Without proper support, these challenges can become overwhelming.

Duncan explains, “We are taught many things in school, but how to deal with the politics and emotional aspects of working life is not one of them. There will undoubtedly be obstacles along the way – not everyone will get along, rejection is inevitable, mistakes will be made, and there will be days when you just want to stay in bed. That’s why I wrote this book – to share what I’ve learned and provide support for others.”

“The Early Career Book” offers practical advice on decision-making and navigating important choices. Duncan also delves into topics such as developing personal values, creating a career plan, working towards a promotion, and handling rejection and confrontation. The guide also discusses setting boundaries, knowing when it’s time to change jobs, and using these experiences for personal and professional growth.

The book has already received praise from industry leaders. Steve Hatch, Chief Executive Officer of You Gov, states, “This is the book I wish I’d been given on my first day of work. A brilliant balance of wisdom, practical actions, and inspiration.”

Rosie Duncan has 15 years of experience in the communications industry, during which she has faced her own challenges and failures. Through her book, she hopes to help others navigate their careers more smoothly.

“The Early Career Book” will be published on 22 February 2024 by LID Publishing and will be available in paperback and e-book formats. For media inquiries, please contact Teya Ucherdzhieva at or +44 (0) 7928 666 131. To learn more about Rosie Duncan, please visit her website or LinkedIn profile. For more information about LID Publishing, visit

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