The prestigious award was won by an animal charity in recognition of their efforts in fighting wildlife crime.

Naturewatch Foundation, a UK-based animal welfare charity, has been awarded a prestigious honor for their efforts in supporting police in combating wildlife crime. The organization, headquartered in Cheltenham, was presented with the Charity Awards prize in the ‘Animals and the Environment’ category at a ceremony on Tuesday, July 9th at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London.

The award recognizes Naturewatch Foundation’s ‘Police control room wildlife crime training package’, which has successfully trained over 5500 police staff in less than 12 months on how to handle calls from the public about wildlife crimes. These crimes, such as badger baiting and hare coursing, often result in brutal and inhumane treatment of animals.

Kate Salmon, Campaign Manager and project lead, expressed her gratitude for the award and acknowledged the hard work of police officers across the country who are often under-resourced but continue to fight against wildlife crime. She also highlighted the dire consequences of these crimes on both animals and rural communities, emphasizing the need to put an end to them.

The training package, developed in collaboration with the National Wildlife Crime Unit, RSPCA, and supported by Thames Valley Police, uses innovative animations to help learners understand the stages of wildlife crimes and how to effectively respond to them. This ensures that police control room operators are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide an efficient response to these incidents.

Sarah Carr, Chief Executive at Naturewatch Foundation, expressed her gratitude to the organization’s supporters for their continuous loyalty and donations, which have enabled them to make a direct impact on animal welfare. She also acknowledged the hard work and dedication of the team behind the training package.

The Charity Awards, now in its 24th year, recognizes and celebrates the achievements of innovative charities that demonstrate best practices and create sustainable benefits for society and communities.

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