The startup, Sherpas, is prepared to empower one million teenage entrepreneurs globally by 2029 through their proven startup training platform.

Startup Sherpas, a pioneering organisation, has announced its plans to empower one million teenage entrepreneurs globally by 2029 through its successful startup training platform. The company has also unveiled the opening of its new Barcelona office, which will serve as the launchpad for expanding its reach to the Mediterranean and Latin America.

The new office, located in the vibrant Tech Barcelona, marks the beginning of Startup Sherpas’ mission to extend its proven model of junior apprenticeships, paid work experience, and Young Founder Training beyond the UK. This strategic move has received support from the British Embassy and the Spanish Government, who recognize the need for entrepreneurial education on a global scale.

Startup Sherpas has already seen great success in the UK, with nearly 5,000 young people completing its program and an expected 10,000 more to participate in 2024. The company’s unique approach, which combines practical work experience with startup training, aims to equip young individuals with the necessary tools to become the next wave of innovators. With global challenges such as climate change, sustainable food systems, and a stable global economy, Startup Sherpas believes that this generation is crucial in creating a better future.

Katherine Walker, Chief Impact Officer at Startup Sherpas, expressed her excitement about the company’s expansion. “Our platform has proven to be effective in the UK, and now we are ready to make our mark globally, starting with the Mediterranean and Latin America. The Barcelona office represents our commitment to nurturing a generation that can shape the future we all envision.”

Startup Sherpas is dedicated to adapting its model to fit the distinct cultural and economic contexts of the regions it will be expanding to. This expansion reinforces the company’s goal of creating a global network of one million young entrepreneurs by 2029.

Hugo Pickford-Wardle, Co-founder of Startup Sherpas, highlighted the significance of launching this new phase at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. “Given that 40% of our participants access the platform via mobile phones, it’s fitting to launch our next phase at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Thursday 29th February.”

The British Embassy and the Spanish government have also expressed their support for Startup Sherpas’ expansion. Sarah Roles-Ndibe, Head of Technology & Financial Services at the British Embassy, shared her enthusiasm. “Supporting Startup Sherpas’ expansion into Barcelona aligns perfectly with our mission of promoting innovation and collaboration between the UK and Spain. Its venture into the Mediterranean and Latin America underscores the universal demand for entrepreneurial education and the global influence of innovative UK enterprises.”

Startup Sherpas’ work in the UK, which includes partnerships with the Tax Office and Accenture to address cyberbullying and scams, has set a precedent for its international efforts. The company’s impact has gained recognition from partners and media, including Allianz and the Financial Times. As a testament to its success, a group of teenagers from the program will be showcasing their work at the Financial Times headquarters in London.

Startup Sherpas invites media, potential partners, and interested parties to join in their mission to empower the next generation of global innovators. For more information and partnership opportunities, please contact

About Startup Sherpas:

Startup Sherpas is a pioneering organisation dedicated to equipping teenagers with startup skills through a unique model that blends paid work experience with junior startup training. Committed to addressing global challenges through innovation, Startup Sherpas has educated over 4,500 teenagers in the UK and is now poised to expand its influence internationally. The organisation champions the power of a global generation of innovators to solve the world’s most pressing problems. For more information, visit or

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