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Urban Synergy Encourages Young People to Register to Vote Before Deadline

Urban Synergy, a London-based charity focused on youth empowerment and social mobility, is urging its young mentees to register to vote before the upcoming General Election on July 4th. The charity, which has already helped over 27,000 young people gain access to education and employment through mentoring, is reminding all eligible individuals to register by the deadline of June 18th in order to participate in the democratic process.

Leila Thomas, CEO and Founder of Urban Synergy, stresses the importance of young people being actively involved in the election. “What we do works for young people, business, and society, and it’s crucial that the next generation takes part in the democratic process,” says Thomas. “Some young people may not be aware of the bureaucratic processes involved in voting, and we don’t want anyone to miss out.”

In order to ensure that all eligible individuals have the opportunity to vote, Urban Synergy is contacting all of its young mentees aged 18-24 this week to encourage them to register and to remind them to bring photo ID to the polling station on July 4th. It is important to note that the rules regarding acceptable forms of ID are strict and individuals should familiarize themselves with the full list before heading to the polls.

Thomas emphasizes that registering to vote is a quick and simple process, but individuals will need their National Insurance (NI) number to complete the registration. “If you don’t have your NI number, you can still register, but it may take longer,” she explains.

Chantelle Barnett, a member of the Urban Synergy team for nearly three years, shares her personal experience with voting for the first time in 1997. “I was eager to make my mark and fulfill my duty to society by exercising my right to vote,” says Barnett. She reminds young people that voting is not just about patriotism, but also about the privilege of having a say in the future of their country.

Mentoring Coordinator Safiya Chiapps-Forrester echoes the sentiment, reflecting on her own experience with voting in the EU Referendum in 2016. “I wasn’t quite old enough to vote, and it was a topic frequently discussed in my sixth form,” she recalls. “It was especially important for me to vote in the general election the following year.” Chiapps-Forrester stresses the importance of young people, particularly ethnic minorities, using their voices through voting to influence political policies.

In conclusion, Urban Synergy urges all eligible individuals to register to vote before the June 18th deadline in order to participate in the upcoming General Election on July 4th. Through their work in supporting and empowering young people, the charity recognizes the vital role that the younger generation plays in shaping the future of society. Distributed by, Urban Synergy hopes to see a strong turnout of young voters exercising their right to vote in the upcoming election.

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