They Attended the 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair (London)

TAAH is excited to announce its participation in the 1:54 Art Fair in London this October. The fair, which has been held annually during the October Frieze Week since 2013, is the most prominent event dedicated to contemporary African art in the primary art market. TAAH will present a group show of works by Theresah Ankomah, Ibrahim Bamidele, and Frederick Botchway, all of whom explore topics such as personal identity, societal discourses, transnational trade, politics, and religion.

Theresah Ankomah’s works examine the complexities of craft and trade through the lens of weaving and underlying issues of geopolitics, gender, and capitalism. Ibrahim Bamidele draws inspiration from his immediate environment and personal experiences, creating compositions that address political, religious, and societal themes. Frederick Botchway’s practice is experimental and liberal, incorporating photography, cooking oil, and various techniques in his quasi-non-representational compositions.

TAAH’s participation in art fairs and exhibitions is an effort to foster meaningful engagements between artists and collectors, building lasting relationships. Through these partnerships, they aim to give collectors access to remarkable artworks and invest in the potential of African art. The 1:54 Art Fair is just one of the channels through which they hope to facilitate this connection.

TAAH is delighted to be part of the 1:54 Art Fair this October, providing exclusive access to extraordinary artworks and enabling clients to embark on a captivating journey of discovery and investment.

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