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Worthily Films – Business as usual during the Pandemic.

It’s Monday 20th of July and Worthily Films,  founded by Steve Dodsworth and Chelsea Leigh Macleod are preparing for an exciting festival run after producing their first short film as a company. Waiting For Time was developed predominantly via Zoom and became known as probably the first short film to move into production post lockdown in the UK.

Worthily Films gradually built a team of talented creative minds, each with a similar mission: to create a remarkable film regardless of challenges that may arise. To say that we faced obstacles is an understatement.

Firstly, we were producing a short film in the midst of COVID-19. Things we had to consider included:

  1. Script: Social distancing guidelines, unnecessary physical contact was removed e.g. handshakes etc.
  2. Location: Provide locations with enough space for the cast and crew to work effectively,  whilst maintaining social distancing regulations.
  3. Catering: COVID friendly meals were essential. Worthily Films found a catering service that ensured all meals were pre-packaged in individual bags. This way we were reducing the risk of infection.
  4. Casting: With the help of our casting Director Carolyn Mcleod and Casting Assistant Matt Sheppard, we were able to cast Waiting For Time via Zoom. Luckily our directors, The Bashford Twins, had strong instincts and a clear vision.
  5. Safe working environment:  We purchased an enormous amount of PPE, which was a challenge in and of itself as most supermarket shelves were still bereft of gloves and wipes.

Secondly, a very real challenge was the fact that Waiting For Time  was our first short film as a new film production company. We felt nervous… Can this work? What if…? Still, we decided to ignore these thoughts and chose to focus on preparation instead…

Luckily Worthily Films had a strong and passionate team and a story that motivated over 20 people to get out of their lockdown hibernation. Waiting For Time screenplay by Paul Chronnelll, relies on dynamic visual storytelling elements and has its most gripping scene in a very specific setting – Challenge number three. We wouldn’t settle for mediocre – not in crew nor in cast.  Mariya Evtimova (Head of Production Design) brought her skills and bravery, leading a team of art production assistants, she was able to create something magical.

 ‘The first thing that made me want to work on ‘Waiting for Time’ was the script. After reading it, I was amazed how layered and deep the story was – Paul did an excellent job writing it. In terms of set design, I was really drawn to Heath and how I could add on elements to his character that will visually guide the audience through all the changes in his life leading to his ‘safe place’- the basement.’ 

Mariya Evtimova

Safety was a priority for Worthily Films. Our goal and mission was to produce this passion project, delivering a message of hope which we feel is something that is necessary in these unprecedented times.

Working with talent that was driven by story was extraordinary. Seeing our cast and crew leave with confidence, a feeling of accomplishment and no symptoms was a reward in itself.

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