“Football frenzy takes over Hamburg as a stunning container installation is unveiled at the city’s harbour to celebrate the first match day of UEFA EURO 2024.”

Hamburg Prepares for UEFA EURO 2024 with Stunning Container Installation at Iconic Harbour

Hamburg, Germany – The excitement around the upcoming UEFA EURO 2024 tournament is growing in Hamburg. The bustling city is getting ready to welcome the highly-anticipated event with a visually captivating container installation at the iconic harbour, showcasing the first day of group stage matches. From now until June 18th, both locals and visitors can admire the stunning installation at O’Swaldkai, which can be seen from the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg Plaza, HafenCity Hamburg, and during harbour tours.

The UEFA EURO 2024 tournament will kick off on June 14th, and Hamburg is planning a grand event to mark the occasion. The container installation, featuring the official UEFA EURO 2024 logo and 24 containers painted with the national flags of the participating countries, will be stacked in six towers to represent the 12 international matches being played on the first day. The entire installation will measure approximately 45 meters wide and 10 meters high. O’Swaldkai, managed by UNIKAI Lagerei- und Speditionsgesellschaft mbH, provides the perfect backdrop for this spectacular display. In December 2023, the Final Draw of UEFA EURO 2024 was recreated here in real-time, attracting global media attention.

As a hub of international trade, the Port of Hamburg symbolizes the city’s diversity and cosmopolitanism. With its impressive ships, container terminals, and shipyards, it embodies the “Gateway to the World” and is the ideal location to promote the marketing campaign for UEFA EURO 2024 under the theme “Hamburg. Great Things Start Here.” This installation, coinciding with the start of the tournament, perfectly captures this essence and highlights Hamburg as a venue for one of the world’s biggest sporting events.

“The container installation in the heart of the city is a remarkable example of the creativity and enthusiasm for football that Hamburg and UEFA EURO 2024 share. With this image, we want to showcase to Europe and the world that great things are happening in Hamburg and its harbour,” says Patrick Esume, Host City Ambassador Hamburg. “We invite all residents and visitors to experience this unique attraction and share in Hamburg’s passion for football. However, for us, the tournament doesn’t end with the first match day or the group stage,” adds the celebrated Hamburg American football legend and Commissioner of the European League of Football. “For the knockout phase, we’ve come up with something very special and even bigger.”

Hamburg is eagerly awaiting the summer of football and is ready to host the world and celebrate a memorable football festival. The campaign once again presents the waterfront metropolis as a proud Host City of UEFA EURO 2024 and a fan hotspot in the north. Five matches will be played at Hamburg’s Volksparkstadion, each expected to draw around 50,000 spectators. The action kicks off with Poland versus the Netherlands on June 16th, followed by Croatia versus Albania on June 19th, Georgia versus the Czech Republic on June 22nd, and the Czech Republic versus Turkey on June 26th. The excitement will culminate with a thrilling quarter-final match in the Elbe metropolis on July 5th.

For more information on UEFA EURO 2024 in Hamburg, please visit www.hamburg-travel.com/euro2024.

Images of the installation can be found here: https://cloudnine.jvm.de/s/LDCzW4cjDgRAw5c

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