The headline could be rewritten as “Modern Technologies Utilized by Virtual Health Hospital to Serve Pilgrims”

The Ministry of Health in Riyadh has announced that the Virtual Health Hospital will be participating in providing healthcare services to pilgrims during this year’s Hajj season, 1445 AH. This decision is in line with the Ministry’s dedication to utilizing the most advanced medical technologies to meet the needs and requirements of pilgrims to the Holy Kaaba, in accordance with globally recognized quality standards.

According to the Ministry, the hospital is fully equipped and prepared to offer various specialized medical services, with teams working round the clock in crucial service areas. These areas include remote stroke treatment, remote critical care, remote monitoring of cardiac patients using wearable monitoring devices, remote radiology reporting aided by artificial intelligence, and specialized consultations for healthcare facilities. Additionally, the hospital provides virtual support services for medical assistance during emergencies and disasters.

The Ministry further added that the hospital will provide assistance and support to all affiliated hospitals and healthcare centers in Medina and Mecca, as well as King Khalid International Airport in Jeddah. These services can be accessed through the unified number 937 or through the health application.

The Ministry highlighted the efficiency and effectiveness of the hospital’s use of modern technologies in serving pilgrims. These technologies have shown to significantly improve the speed of medical intervention and accuracy of disease diagnosis, allowing for timely and appropriate medical decisions and efficient delivery of necessary therapeutic services. These efforts align with the Ministry’s commitment to utilizing the latest medical technologies to enhance performance and improve quality in healthcare facilities, serving pilgrims to the Holy Kaaba, and achieving the goals of the Health Sector Transformation Program and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

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