Free ICT Europe has recently published a manifesto that promotes an open market and sustainable practices in the field of ICT.

Free ICT Europe Foundation Unveils Manifesto for Sustainable and Equitable ICT Industry

Gouda, May 15 – On Wednesday, May 15, the Free ICT Europe Foundation, a leading advocate for sustainable and fair ICT practices, unveiled its manifesto at their 10-year anniversary event in Dublin. Titled “Make the Right to Repair Really Work: Promote Sustainable ICT Products and Services,” the manifesto outlines key principles to ensure a more environmentally conscious approach to technology and promote a more equitable ICT landscape. The manifesto comes just in time for the newly elected Parliament later this year.

The Free ICT Europe Foundation’s manifesto addresses a range of issues within the ICT sector, including both products and services. With the world facing challenges of climate change and resource scarcity, the timing of this manifesto is crucial. The recommendations outlined in the manifesto include:

– Prohibiting restrictions on independent repair and maintenance.
– Expanding the Right to Repair Directive to encompass both public and private sectors, with a focus on B2B IT products.
– Implementing green public procurement policies to prioritize used/refurbished products and support local providers.
– Extending the ESPR with both Networking equipment and Software, addressing licensing models and transfers.
– Establishing standards for software licensing, maintenance, and refurbishment.
– Establishing an easy process for SMEs to file complaints about unfair manufacturer practices.

Jan Hoogstrate, Executive Director for Free ICT Europe, stated, “We believe that by implementing these measures, we can create a more sustainable and equitable ICT industry that benefits both users, providers and the environment. It’s time to make the ‘Circular Economy and the Reduction of Resources’ a reality and ensure that innovation and freedom of choice of provider thrive in the ICT sector prevail.”

Tomás O’Leary, President of Free ICT Europe, added, “Aggressive profit-optimization practices are not only a threat to fair competition and affecting customers, but also a serious problem for the environment. Legislators need to step in with protective measurements.”

Free ICT Europe is calling on policymakers, industry stakeholders, and consumers to support the manifesto and work together to implement its recommendations. By fostering collaboration and driving systemic change, the organization believes that a more sustainable future for ICT is within reach.

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