Experience the conflict for Britannia at Butser Ancient Farm.

Butser Ancient Farm in Chalton, Hampshire is set to host a unique event this weekend, where visitors can experience the ancient Roman festival of Agonalia and witness a battle between Anglo Saxon and Roman reenactment groups.

The event, taking place on the 18th and 19th of May, will see the Hampshire based Anglo Saxon reenactment group, Herigeas Hundas, take on the might of the Roman army and local Iron Age tribes, represented by the reenactment group The Vicus. The event, titled “Battle for Britannia,” promises to be an exciting and educational experience for all ages.

Jen Atkinson, Media Officer for Herigeas Hundas, expressed their excitement for the event, stating, “We are very excited to return to Butser Ancient Farm this weekend and bring history to life for visitors as we do battle against the might of Rome and the ferocious local tribes.” Atkinson also shared that visitors can expect to see thrilling combat displays and experience Roman ceremonies and gladiatorial games in celebration of the Roman God Veiovius.

In addition to the battle, visitors will also have the opportunity to witness archery demonstrations and daily crafts such as weaving, spinning, and cooking, as well as herbal healing. Butser Ancient Farm’s Creative Developer, Rachel Bingham, shared her enthusiasm for the event, stating, “It is always brilliant to have the reenactors from Herigeas Hundas and The Vicus bringing the ancient buildings of Butser to life. Visitors can expect amazing combat displays, craft demonstrations, and fascinating talks throughout the weekend.”

Butser Ancient Farm is known for its experimental archaeology site, which features reconstructions of various ancient time periods, including Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman Britain, and the Anglo-Saxon period. The site’s two replica Anglo Saxon halls are based on the foundations of two houses uncovered during excavations in the nearby village of Chalton, led by Peter Addyman in the 1970s. Addyman, who later led the excavation of the famous Viking site, Jorvik, in York, has a special connection to Butser Ancient Farm.

The farm, located in the South Downs National Park, offers a unique opportunity for visitors to experience and learn about ancient history through hands-on activities and demonstrations. Visitors can also explore the site’s Roman Villa and Iron Age roundhouses, which will be bustling with activity during the Agonalia festival.

Don’t miss this chance to immerse yourself in ancient history and witness an epic battle between Anglo Saxon and Roman warriors this weekend at Butser Ancient Farm.

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