How To Properly Cut Fiberglass Wall Panels?

Bathroom wall panels are a great way to remodel your bathroom while also making sure that it gets an upgrade. There are a lot of different kinds of bathroom wall panels, but fiberglass is one that stands out. Fiberglass wall coverings consist of plastic resins which are reinforced using thin strands of fiberglass. This adds in extra durability and strength. Due to their non-porous waterproof surface, these panels are low maintenance. They are also an excellent alternative to traditional wood panels or tiles present in the bathroom. But before you can install them, you will have to cut it up, but due to its tough composition that can turn out to be difficult. You will actually need special carbide tipped tools for cutting through.

Things you will need in this task

Cutting anything, especially bathroom wall panels for installation needs tools and protective gear. Before venturing into this task you should have with yourself, safety glasses, tape measure, dust mask, marker, circular saw with a carbide tipped blade, straightedge, a utility knife, and sandpaper. So here is the Best Way to cut Bathroom Wall Panels when it is made up of fiberglass:

  • Safety: First you will have to put on your safety glasses and dust mask so as to ensure that your lungs and eyes are protected.
  • Measurement: Now you will have to measure the wall area where you plan on installing the fiberglass panel. Now transfer the measurement taken to a sheet of fiberglass wall paneling
  • Making the cut: Next, mark the sheet where you plan on making the cut. Now use a straightedge to extend that mark all across the entire surface of the sheet. This line will help you make sure that you get an even level edge when you cut the panel.
  • Positioning: Lay the panel right on the edge of a workbench or any other flat surface. Then position the panel in such a way that the cutting line is located just off the edge of the table.
  • Cutting it fully: Now cut the fiberglass panel using a circular saw that comes with a carbide tipped blast. Also, you can use a jigsaw with a metal cutting black or a fine tooth handsaw will work as well. When you are using a circular saw of a jigsaw that has a standard cutting blade, cut from the back or the unfurnished side of the panel. Using a standard handsaw which cuts down on the push, or stroke, down, cut from the front side of the panel.
  • Use a knife: Slide a utility knife very gently at a sharp angle against the edge of the panel so as to get rid of any loose fibers. Now use fine grit sandpaper to polish any of the rough or sharp edges that can be seen before you install the wall paneling. Make sure that the sandpaper is at least 220 grit. But it is better if it’s higher.

Bathroom wall panels are less expensive when compared to tiles. But that’s not all, they are also available in a lot of designs, work well for bathroom flooring, and are waterproof too. So installing them is a win-win on all fronts. You can, of course, hire a professional to cut and install bathroom wall panels for you, but that will be way too costly. So it’s better to follow some little instructions and do it yourself.

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