“SocialBox.Biz Celebrates a Decade of Impactful Social and Technological Innovations”

London, United Kingdom – Tech innovator SocialBox.Biz is celebrating ten years of providing laptops to those in need, with a focus on refugees and people experiencing homelessness.

Since its launch in 2014, the Laptops for Homeless program has expanded to include initiatives for older people living in isolation and refugees integrating into British society. However, the organization recognizes that there is still much work to be done and is calling on UK businesses to donate their old but still useful laptops to help those in need.

According to research and data from various organizations, certain segments of the population are more at risk for not having access to a laptop. This is why SocialBox.Biz is continuously working to bridge the digital divide and provide equal opportunities for all.

“We are grateful for the support and partnerships we have formed over the past ten years,” said Peter Paduh, founder of SocialBox.Biz. “Each new partner is another advancement for us and for the underprivileged people we serve.”

The organization believes that embracing the power of technology for good can make a significant impact on the lives of individuals who are struggling. By providing laptops, they are not only providing a tool for communication and education but also a sense of empowerment and belonging.

As part of their ten-year anniversary celebration, SocialBox.Biz is calling on businesses to donate their old laptops that are no longer being used. These laptops will be refurbished and given to those in need, enabling them to connect with the world and access essential services.

To spread the word about their mission, the organization has encouraged people to retweet their message on Twitter. “We are proud of the work we have done so far, but we need the support of the community to continue making a difference,” added Paduh.

For more information on how to donate laptops or support SocialBox.Biz, visit their website at https://www.socialbox.biz/.

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