The Manchester-based company, RVA Surveyors, commenced the new year by promoting a number of employees.

RVA Surveyors, a leading business rates reduction firm, has kicked off the new year with the promotion of two key team members. Managing Director Anthony Hughes announced the promotions as a way to recognize the hard work and dedication of the team.

“We have to start the new year in the right way,” said Hughes. “And what better way than recognizing the hard work and dedication of our team.”

The company, known for its award-winning internal management training programs, looked within its own team to support its ambitious plans for the coming year. Long-standing team leaders Kirsty Morgan and Cara Wilkinson have been promoted to Surveyor Operations Manager and Onboarding and Gateway Manager, respectively. With the majority of their leadership team having been promoted from within, Morgan and Wilkinson are the latest to join the ranks at RVA Surveyors.

“2023 was a big learning opportunity for us as a team, and now, as we move forward into a new stage, I’m really looking forward to how my new role will drive RVA Surveyors’ plans even further,” said Cara Wilkinson.

Both Wilkinson and Morgan have completed extensive training in the company’s internal management programs, including the junior management program in 2022 and the senior management program in late 2022. These programs cover a range of topics to develop core skills needed for leadership. With the introduction of new services at the end of 2023, RVA places a priority on continued leadership development and support for their teams.

“The way we operate, not only individually but interdepartmentally, really strengthened last year,” said Kirsty Morgan. “I’m excited to keep guiding that as we continue.”

Hughes expressed his excitement about working with Morgan and Wilkinson as the company progresses and helping to develop the next generation of leaders.

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