TalkTalk customers concerned by internet issues migrate to alternative services

Home Telecom, a subsidiary of the Telecom Acquisitions Group, has recently acquired the customer base of Cuckoo Internet, one of the top broadband providers voted for customer service by MoneySavingExpert for two consecutive years. This acquisition is part of Home Telecom’s ongoing expansion strategy and brings their total number of customers to approximately 100,000.

TAL Managing Director Nigel Barnett reassures Cuckoo Internet customers that the terms and prices they are currently subscribed to will remain the same. He explains that the only change will be a migration of their accounts to Home Telecom’s system, which will have no impact on their internet connection or any services.

This deal marks the eleventh partnership or acquisition agreement for TAL, with other ISPs offering broadband services to residential customers. Barnett reveals that TAL’s business strategy is to acquire around 3,000 customers per month through organic growth and then continue expanding through the acquisition of residential bases from broadband providers who are shifting their focus to the B2B arena.

According to Barnett, the direction of internet providers is changing in line with their target markets. The rise of new AltNets has caused prices to decline in order to gain more sales volume and cover the costs of infrastructure. On the other hand, suppliers are increasing prices annually for their reseller partners. This has resulted in smaller resellers offering lower prices to attract customers and the RPI increase being absorbed by the ISP, affecting their profits by approximately 20%. Barnett believes that this is not a sustainable business model.

TAL’s portfolio now includes Home Telecom, which specializes in providing flexible contracts for tenants ranging from weekly to two years and offers services from various providers such as BT, TalkTalk, Virgin, Sky, and Vodafone, as well as AltNets CityFibre, MS3, FullFibre, OFNL, Freedom Fibre, and F&W Networks. They also have Fleur Telecom, which supports over 25,000 customers who were previously abandoned by larger providers or whose suppliers have ceased to trade. Additionally, Eclipse Telecom, acquired by TAL two years ago, supports 10,000 former KCOM customers outside of the company’s Hull operation.

Barnett emphasizes that all customers can easily find the best service for their needs through a simple postcode checker. The company has received over 10,000 “Excellent” reviews on Trust Pilot, and their motto, “we can do better,” reflects their commitment to continuously improve. For further information or comments, interested parties can contact TAL CEO Nigel Barnett at


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