The charity organization has announced the release of complimentary eCards for Father’s Day.

Hope Spring, a Hereford based charity, has announced their new range of Father’s Day ecards on their social media pages. With the holiday approaching on June 16th in the UK and other parts of the world, the charity is offering both free and donation-based ecards for users to send to their loved ones.

The charity’s ecard website was initially created to raise funds for their water poverty alleviation NGO, Hope Spring Water. It has since grown to become one of the organization’s most successful fundraisers. Originally, only Hope Spring supporters could send ecards and make donations. Now, the general public can also participate by sending ecards and making donations. For those who are unable to make a donation, there is a selection of free ecards available.

Hope Spring eCards has uploaded over thirty new ecards for this year’s Father’s Day, including a specialized range for Welsh speakers. These ecards showcase the unique Welsh culture, featuring elements such as rugby and stunning landscapes from different regions of Wales.

Platform manager Seun Olonade expressed excitement about the new range of ecards, stating that a dedicated volunteer worked tirelessly to create over two dozen new options for visitors to the website. She hopes that supporters and visitors will enjoy the new selection.

The proceeds from the ecard website and other donations go towards building wells and boreholes in water poor communities in West Africa. Those interested in learning more about the charity and their ecards can visit their website, where they can also view past and current projects.

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